I was born and raised between Germany, Spain and Italy, and I started to take the first steps as a filmmaker on my skateboard. Skateboarding taught me to broaden my vision of my surroundings, to glimpse details invisible to most, to behold and enter new cultures, to feel at home in any part of the world. Between an ollie and a kickflip, I moved from in front of, to behind the camera, increasingly making the 360° approach my own.

And so I started to collect details, capture authentic emotions, seize moments and immortalise them.


As a child I used to draw to frame what happened around me, until I discovered videos.

Filmmaking is still my greatest passion to this day.


I work with extreme discretion to follow the natural flow of emotions, moments and events that unfold in front of the lenses of my camera and I document everything as reportage.

Every video is a new challenge: A tale made of hues, an encounter with music, having to mix different creative styles perfectly. In this way the result is always a genuine, unique film.

David Lynch said that every time we create something, whether a painting or a film, we always start with many ideas, but it is almost always our past that reinvents and transforms them. The past inevitably influences new ideas. Well, in my movies there is what I see and feel, there is the encounter between people and their emotions but I am there too, with my life spent between Italy and Spain and my skateboard. This adds a unique dimension and personality to what I create.