BIG POPPA // Nando Esteban

Happy to present Big Poppa; a mix between reggae and old-school hiphop produced by Wil Galo for my friend Nando Esteban.

It’s a pleasure to help spread the word about his personal project because he has become like a brother for me.

Even though I’ve been working in video production for many years, I’ve never made a music video. It’s weird but I’ve never allowed myself to do it due to incompatibility with the projects I’ve been offered and my personal taste and sincerely also because of my own disinterest.

This time it was all spontaneous and from the heart. Nothing was really pre-planned and the result was a very fun experience that taught me something new.

I think Nando thought up the lyrics in an hour. He’s volcano of ideas mixed with talent for rhyming and freestyle.

I hope this can help push him forward on his personal journey.
Nando is a real street rat and has a million stories to tell.

Produced and Directed by Sergio Minnici